Thursday, April 17, 2008

Personal Projects

Jake's Project: Jake will teach English and the kids from Ollantaytambo will teach him Spanish. Jake has contacted the Metropolitan Library Systems Outreach Coordinator and he will be receiving as many books as he can take to Peru from the Come and Read with Me Program. The donation expects a book in return. A book created by the children of Ollantaytambo about their village.

Jake will join efforts with Carmen Clay as the youth facilitator of:"In Our Global Village Project" Jake and Carmen will help the kids of Ollantaytambo create a book similar to the one created by kids in Tanzania: We have digital cameras, a laptop computer, and a process on how to create a book demonstrated to Carmen by Free Spirit Publishing at a workshop led at the publishing company by service-learning author Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A during the 2008 National Service-Learning Conference in Minneapolis.

Next week we will be requesting additional funding for resources such as book writing software and a computer and video equipment for the village from the In our global village project and What Kids Can Do organization, as well as from the Do Something. org and Shinnyoen Foundation

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