Thursday, April 17, 2008

Communication while in Peru

Will we hear from the group or you while you are on your trip? When Jake traveled to Costa Rica last year, we received updates form his advisor guide every other day or so via a group email. As you would imagine it allowed us as parents to rest a bit better while he was gone.
Ross: Yes, there is internet access and there will be a blog. It would be great to find a student who took personal care of organizing students to update it on a regular basis.
Students will be required to take turns updating this blog on a daily basis.
Jake: Mondays
Kendall: Tuesdays
Rosie: Wednesdays
Louisa: Thursdays
Mackenzie: Fridays
Nina: Saturdays
Grayson: Sundays
The same schedule will be followed sending this group e-mail to parents

Carmen: I have already set-up a blog which I will be updating while in Peru as often as time and schedule permits it. Please check updates for students projects there now.

I have asked students participating in this trip to send me their project proposal this weekend. I have only received a formal proposal from Jake. Students can use the online project proposal available at or simply e-mail

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