Saturday, June 30, 2007

Heading to Brussels: First International Conference in Service-Learning for Educators

My Challenge 20/20 leader Ankita'08 and I will be presenting her projects and our program at the first International Conference in Service-Learning. She will have the opportunity to listen to: the author of High Noon, 20 Global Problems and 20 Years to solve them, Jean-Francois Rischard; Edward Zlotowski, Senior Faculty Fellow of Campus Compact (S-L at the college level) on Education, Globalization and Democracy: Taylor vs. Dewey Deja Vu, and my personal favorite, Andy Franco Service-Learning Researcher from Berkeley. I hope to get ideas, resources and tools to promote s-l at my school and community. If I find a computer, I will blog in my conference blog.

Service-Learning Possibilities in other areas of Peru

Cuzco, Ollantaytambo, Arequipa and Huancayo are possibilities. I recommend starting with Joaquin Randall and his enterprise in CATCCO. Students could learn ancient ceramic making and weaving from the weavers. In turn, we could start with environmental initiatives such as an Adopt a Street Program. We could also try to bring computers to the school in order to continue communicating all year around. Joaquin will have suggestions. He is dealing with a homestay program from Shady Side Academy in Seattle now. There are 15 high school students living in Ollantaytambo homes. I hope to find out about their experience in the future. I am not ready to deal with a homestay yet. Read details of Lakeside Global Service Learning at

NAIS Challenge 20/20 Santa Maria and Villa Maria Schools partnerships possibilities

I was unable to attend a meeting with the Santa Maria School , Director Regional Marianista of Colegio Santa Maria. Santa Maria is a Boys School and its sister school is Villa Maria: My cousins children and my sisters' friends children attended this school. Mr. Robert Robinet made the appointment which I followed with an eomail to Santa Maria contact address. I hope to hear from them soon. If not Challenge 20/20 YAC needs to follow-up this lead

Colegio La Recoleta: Challenge 20/20 Possibility

I visited with the Academic Affairs International Baccalaureate Coordinator, Mr. Luis Felipe Gonzalez del Riego Collomp at the Colegio SS.CC. Recoleta. We talked about starting a Challenge 20/20 collaboration with his English classes based on reading the book High Noon, 20 Global Problems and 20 years to solve them. He will discuss the possibilities with his faculty and we will continue to keep in touch.

Another school that granted me time was Colegio Santa Maria, where my cousins attended school. I was to talk to Dr. Carlos Raynusso, Director Regional Marianista, but my illness prevented that from happening. Challenge 20/20 YAC has a name and a school address to follow up:, This is another great school in Peru for boys, the girls school is Villa Maria

Taller de los ninos-A Great Possibility in Lima

My cousin Charito put me in contact with "Taller de los ninos" representative, Mrs. Yelena Brujic. Taller de ninos is a Swiss organization that has won awards for their work with the children and adolescents of Peru.

Mrs. Brujic has connections with an art school in Peru,the Leonardo Da Vinci School. She analyzed the reality of our possible arts empowered service learning opportunity and invited us to explore working with her organization. There is an application process and we need to provide a plan of action. We will also need to fundraise the whole year for our supplies and cost of our trip. The more I learned about this organization, the more I feel we need to try it. I hope they will consider us worthy.

My understanding is that we would arrive to Lima and provide our own accomodations and transportation. Mrs. Brujic would become the contact person between her taller de ninos en Canto Grande (children and adolescents) as well as with the progressive Leonardo Da Vinci School, a private school in the area. She felt this to be the safest way to provide an opportunity for Cyclones to be the change they would like to see by empowering needy Peruvian children with their talents, skills, and academic preparation.

My students' job would be very similar to the site visits to Boys and Girls Club. They would have to take an area they would like to develop with the children they would be given, but instead of doing it in three hours, they would have 5 days since we would be working in Lima for a week. The needy schools do not have arts, sports, or English instruction. This could we the beginning of our partnership with the Taller the ninos organization. The art work produced could be auctioned or taken to the USA to provide further revenue for the taller.

I did not have a second meeting with Mrs. Brujic because I became ill (Must remind my students NOT to have ice. I was the only one in my group who had a drink with ice and I was the only one who got sick.) I feel that is a great possibility YAC needs to continue to explore. The reputation as a business woman of my cousin Charito is the best guarantee we could have.

Here is what I found on the web:(They were updating their page)

2006 Asociación Taller de los Niños. Todos los derechos reservados.
Calle María Parado de Bellido 179 - Magdalena del Mar
Teléfono: 461-9389 Tel fax: 461-2195

"Le bon départ" - El buen principio, es la base de trabajo inciado por Taller de los niños en el año 1978.
Se sabe que todo cuanto se puede hacer con y para lo niños y niñas menores de 5 años tendrá un efecto positivo sobre su desarrollo futuro como ciudadanos.

Decidimos trabajar en Canto Grande con el fin de construir con la población, un espacio diferente.

Taller de los Niños, se ha convertido en nuestra manera de decir NO a la injusticia.
Taller de los Niños quiere ser para los niños, las niñas y los adolescentes pobres, un factor de resilencia.

Friday, June 29, 2007

My Peruvian Family


It was a great way to end the trip!
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Memory Lane


Charito took us to the place where my husband and I spent our wedding night, La Granja Azul, El Pueblo. It was so much bigger, but just as nice
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Sunday lunch with Charito's Family in El Pollin


The drink was wonderful, but it had ice.
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My cousin Ceci, her husband, Coqui, and Carmen

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A B-day family party


Feliz Cumpleanos Victor Jose!
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Our very special papi

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Nuestro patriarca

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The women of our family

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The men in our family

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My first with Charito's first

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The new married couple

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My prima Charito and Cecilia's children and girlfriend

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Another very special dinner


At my cousin Cecilia's house, here is my dear uncle Victor, Mariana and Carmen a friend of my sister Florchi.
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A native vegetables center piece

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My high school friends

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I wish I had eaten more


Avocado Salsa, Seviche, Humitas, Que Rico!
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Great Native Dishes

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Welcome back to Lima Party

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The 70's tunes

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Back to Lima


I want you to meet my cousin Charito. She is amazing. Between Roxana, my sister's friend from college, Hernan, Coqui, Carmen and my special prima, Charito, our Lima stay was a joy!
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San Blas District: The Artistic Area of Cuzco


We were but a few hours in Cuzco. This city needs greater time in a comfortable hotel. There is so much to do and learned, especially during the Inti Raymi time, June 24.



I walked this street when I was in the first or second grade. I wished I had time to visit my old school.
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