Thursday, April 3, 2008


Dear Andes Cultural Preservation Trip to Ollantaytambo Parents and Students:

Please find below the responses to YOUR TOP 6 QUESTIONS. Consider visiting: I have background information regarding how the trip idea started and I hope to use the blog to send quick feedback from Ollantaytambo.

1. Reccomended Reading:What books should we be reading?
Ross suggested the following:
a. Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson
b. High Noon, 20 Global Issues, 20 Years to Solve Them, by J.F. Rischard. Our library has copies of High Noon. See High Noon attached PowerPoint
c. Moon Handbooks Peru. Ross provided a couple of copies for the group. Nina has one. I have the other.

2. Innoculations: What shots do we need and by when?
It is best to consult with your doctor. World Leadership School recommends:
*Yellow Fever (required for all visitors to Peru)
*Hepatitis A (students should already have this)
*Typhoid booster
For more information about these shots, you can also check on the Center for Disease control website, Malaria is definitely not required for the areas of Peru we are visiting. The cloud forest areas of Peru are well above the malaria zone. We do not recommend a Rabies vaccine for our students.
Please consult with your doctor and start getting vaccinations!

3. Passports: How do I know if my passport is in order for Peru?
Please check and ensure that your son or daughter's passport does not expire before January 31, 2009. Passport control is becoming tighter in Peru and they are commonly requiring that tourists have at least six months left on their passport upon entering the country.

4. Documents: What other permissions and documents do I need?
Over the next few weeks, World Leadership School will be sending out medical forms and other documentation for students to fill out for the trip. WLS will also send an updated packing list and other information about the trip.

5. Final Payments: How much is due now?
a. Finally payment to World Leadership School is due April 5, 2008. Ross has sent your balance directly to you. Please make checks payable to World Leadership School and send checks to: World Leadership School, 2135 Gilpin Street, Denver Colorado, 80205.
b. $200 are due at your convenience before June 1, 2008 for main project supplies ($100) and sponsors handling fee ($100). Please make checks payable to Carmen Clay. Please send checks with your child or via US mail to 16616 Little Leaf Lane, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73012.

6. Ollantaytambo Service Projects: What are the service projects possibilities?
a. Main Project
During the work days the Casady students have in Ollantaytambo, they will be working with children. Casady students will be able to engage children in arts and crafts activities, English classes, and discussions centered on pre-arranged topics. Casady students will also commit to a singleschool-related infrastructure project, a playground. The materials to build this playground will be bought with the donations raised by the Casady students. This playground will be the first step towards building a planned children's park in Ollantaytambo, the goal of which is to build cultural and environmental awareness in Ollantaytambo's children. We will be working this summer to begin the children's park of Ollantaytambo, which will be built on land donated by the school to the children of Ollantaytambo. The children themselves decide what will be done with this land . There is also a possibility that it will be a recycling center. I think what is appropriate at this point, since we don't want to rush the children's decision-making process, is that we talk in general terms about an infrastructure project on the children's playground. For more information about the organization behind this and other similar children park efforts around Peru, see:
b. Independent Projects
In terms of the independent projects, WLS have the following possibilities:
1.. Work in a clinic: Many of our patrons are doctors. Students will not be working with AIDs patients. Medical supplies are welcomed!
2.. Teaching English: Coloring books, story books, etc. are welcomed
3.. Arts and craftswith small children: Supplies for arts and crafts are welcomed!
4.. Sports Coaching: This would need to be organized with equipment brought down, etc. These kids do not need instruction for volleyball or soccer, but baseball would be of interest if we had enough gloves and a bat and balls. Sports equipment donations are welcomed.
5.. Farming Related Work. This can include helping to herd animals, work fields, etc. This may be of interest to a student interested in agricultural or rural development.

Thank you, Carmen

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Plane tickets bought-Project Plans

The summer of service in Ollantaytambo became more of a concrete reality after the tickets were purchased. Now we need to start fundraising and gathering supplies for our "community project" and our personal projects. Students have been asked to e-mail their personal project plans and the big project is the beginning of a construction of an ecologically friendly playground for Ollantaytambo children. Our OKC Junior League had a similar project. Students participating in this project should investigate: