Monday, June 23, 2008

Student-Teacher blog

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I look forward to our PERUREUNION!!!

Lima-OKC: Reflections on board of plane

After a difficult flight back to Lima because students were tired and one battled motion sickness, we arrived in Lima where we met our tour guide, Ivan and our bus driver Don Eduardo. Next year, I must remember to let students know that they need to wear motion sickness patches and have handy motion sickness medicine.

Ivan, our tour guide, was a freelance photographer by trade and kept the tour at very low key. We were thankful because we were exhausted.

I had a bad cold complicated with stomach virus which the paramedics at Mambo's restaurant told me would go away within 24 hours if I drank Gatorade and rested. Thank you to this beautiful restaurant for providing this service free of charge. I was not that bad, but it was nice to have that service as needed.

Ivan took care of the tour and the kids enjoyed mostly Larco Mar and Miraflores after a short trip to Barranco and the headquaters of the "Tierra de Ninos" where we received gifts and a CD to take home.

Now back at home, I realized how rewarding this trip has been.

Student responses to what they like the most were:
1. Bonding and playing games with my group and when the playground went up.

2. Getting to know the kids at the school and when our group got together at night and played games.

3. Seeing the children’s faces, when the playground was going up. I enjoyed the rafting and soccer.

4. The actual days dedicated to the project. I enjoyed the work as well as the company of the children who were helpful in fully immersing myself into the Peruvian culture.

5. Playing with the kids and climbing Wayna Picchu.

6. When I was teaching and when we finished the play ground.

7. Getting to experience a foreign third world country. All too often we choose to travel to the “best” places in the world, and we forgo the invaluable experience of getting to know people and places in a country as awesome as Peru.

What they liked the least:
1. Three students stated: Museum tours.
2. Meetings and conversations that were forced upon us. Not only did I feel uncomfortable, I felt they were not benefitial to the group at all.
3. The museums and the afthermath of Wayna Picchu.
4. I got sick in Macchu Picchu.
5. I did not enjoy not having any friends or other people my age on the trip.

Their impressions of the community
1. The community was very close and affectionate. It seem to be a care free life style and kindness was in abundance.
2. I loved the community of Ollantaytambo! Not so much Cusco though. Our accomodations worked. El Albergue was fantastic, but I would not recommend Las Orquideas.
3. Ollantaytambo was a beautiful town. The scenary was beautiful and the community was friendly. However, I did not stay with a host family.
4. The simplest way to describe the community of Ollantaytambo is to simply call it amazing. I absolutely felt in love with the people and the richnest of their culture. I want to go back as many times as possible because I absolutlely loved it.
5. I loved Ollantaytambo. It is one of my favorite towns. The children were amazing! The community touched my heart and someday I want to teach English here.
6. The community of Ollantaytambo was great. The kids were really enthusiastic about helping us. The town really feels like home now.
7. The community of Ollantaytambo was great. It was quaint, small, and comfortable. I really felt like I got to know some different members of the community, both kids and adults.

Their impressions of the country instructors and faculty leaders:
1. Our instructor Paul was very nice,and very knowledgable. He was very funny, and kind to everyone and still made sure our best interests were at heart.
2. Our instructor Paul was the best. He really became close with our whole group and seem to really care about us. His knowledge about Peru was also very impressive, and he is a great dancer!! Mrs. Clay was the best faculty leader I could ever wished for.
3. Joaquin Randall was a fun instructor. He took us to good restaurants and helped motivate us on the playground. Paul was also an awsome leader. He took us to explore the town, played games with us, and kept us interested.
4. Joaquin, Paul, and Mrs. Clay were all excellent leaders and instructors. They were all very responsible and helpful the whole time and each added their own individual spark of fun spradically. Mrs. Clay was basically our mom and Joaquin and Paul were very extremely knowledgeable about everything and very humorous at the same time.
5. Joaquin was a little scary at first, but after a few days, he became really great and understanding. He was very responsible. Paul was really fun. He loves his culture. Mrs. Clay was great as well.
6. Mrs. Clay was really great at getting us all pumped up and excited for the work. She also told great stories from her childhood in Peru.
7. Joaquin and Paul were amazing. They were knowledable and fun, as well as entertaining and personable.Mrs. Clay was a great asset to the trip; she made me feel extremely comfortable knowing I had a friend/translator/mom the whole time.

Was the trip changing or inspiriring to them?
1. The trip did not drastically change you. It made me realize how lucky I am and helped me appreciate it. It inspired me to help my community.
2. This trip really humbled me. I think I will return home much more greatful for everything I have including my friends and family. It inspire me to want to help more underpriviledge children.
3. This trip definetly changed me. I figured out that when I get older, I want to with children. Seeing how happy they were to learn English, made me feel wanted.
4. Yes, I think this trip has changed and inspired me in more than one way. I feel as if I have matured in my behavior and this trip really tested my maturity level. I feel like I am also more aware of Peruvian culture and that is the base of what inspired me. They people there that have so little always seem to be so happy and that helps me realize that I should be thankful for every single thing I have.
5. Of course it change me! It made me realize how much I want to help these kids and give them the love they deserve. The kids helped me stay positive, especially when I found out about a death of a dear friend.
6. The trip showed me just how much other kids love learning and how much they desire to learn. That has led me to be more hungry to help them.
7. I would not say it changed or inspired me as much as it did inform me. It is obvious there are problems in our world, and the best thing the trip did for me was remind me that outside of my sheltered existence in the USA, there are actual problems affecting real people.