Saturday, March 1, 2008

Andes Cultural Preservation Service-Learning Trip

March 1, 2008: After a long period of insecurity, almost all checks are in to make airplane reservations next week. I will be taking the first global education service-learning trip to Peru in June, 2008. It was planned by Joaquin Randall's new company in the USA: "World Leadership School." Ross Wehner,CEO of World Leardership school and author of Peru-Moon Hand Books visited Casady, gave a brief chapel speech, and talked to Spanish classes about the trip and his experience as a reporter. We increased the numbers of students attending this trip by two and secured the ones willing to take a chance and create the first global education service learning trip for Casady School.
See itinerary details at: On B-days during Activities we started training for the trip. The group will meet to see and discuss
1. Introduction PowePoint
2. Make plane reservations
3. Plan personal project
4. Discuss fundraising, partnerships, and sponsorship for personal projects
5. Discuss daily itinerary and supplies, clothing, parental permissions, and vaccinations
6. Plan journaling and blogging in collaboration with the Catcco Museum-Take YAC apple laptop for that purpose
7. Research Ollantaytambo-Catcco Museum- Connect with World Leadership School for last minute details