Friday, May 30, 2008

Group Meeting Agenda: June 3 from 7:30 p.m.-8:30

Goals of the meeting:
1. Inform about Peru-SKYPE talk with Ross in Denver and Joaquin in Peru
2. Answer last minute trip questions
3. Create group rules of interaction - Environment where people feel safe to be creative, make mistakes, and take risks
4. Assign share of donated materials responsibilities
5. Assign group responsibilities (who takes cameras, video recording, laptop)
6. Check traveling documentation: passports, parental permissions, get $200 donation from students whose parents have not sent funding yet
7. Check list sent by WlS

Information sent to parents and students (From Ross and Carmen):
Dear parents,
In advance of Carmen’s meeting next week, I wanted to check in and see if you had any final questions for me. Please call or email me if you do.
Also I want to send out a reminder to please sign and mail the application and medical form to me this week at the very latest. You can either mail to the address below or fax to 303-945-2229. The only forms I have received at this point are from the Atkinson’s and the Liedtke’s.
The kids in Ollantaytambo are very excited to begin working on their Children’s Park with the help of the Casady students! Thank you for your support of this important program,

Ross Wehner, Executive Director, World Leadership School
2135 Gilpin St. Denver, CO 80205 Tel: 303-679-3412 Fax: 303-945-2229
Toll-Free: 1-888-831-8109


Subject: June 3, TIME CHANGE TO 7:30 P.M. TO 8:30 P.M.
Dear Ollantaytambo student team: Parents: FYI
Hope you have completed and sent your application, medical form, and personality test to Ross.

Jake will be out of town and he has requested the meeting to be on June 3, 2008, 3-4 p.m.. It will be at my house (address provided) Please mapquest the address. My home phone is 562-1832. Rose Creek is a gated community, you will have to call me to get in if you come through the side entrance on 164th street.

Please bring to the meeting:

1. A copy of your passport to have in my files.

2. $200 in cash if your parents have not already sent a check . $100 for project supplies. I will give $700 to Joaquin Randall on behalf of the group for the playground and $100 per student, sponsor's handling fee. I have checks from four of you.

3. Your personal project plan. If you have not proposed formally yet, please go to and propose your project after finals.

4. Be ready to discuss the first part, three chapters, of the book High Noon, 20 Global Problems and 20 Years to Solve them. You can contact Rebecca Roach, Josh Ou, Mrs. Johnson, Lauren Analla, Ankita Prasad, or Tori Smith to borrow a book from them.

At the meeting, you will receive:

1. Boarding passes if I can get them by then.

2. Your share of donated items to take as part of your lugagge. So far we have 70 children's books and if they arrive on time, 5 digital cameras with printers. We will decide how many to take. One of them will be left in Ollantaytambo. We also received a grant from the CPO to buy a video camera, which we will take and return to Casady after the trip. Mr. Bruce is helping me, but if you have suggestions of best video cameras to buy under $1,300, send them my way. We are able to take all the cameras thanks to the work done by Challenge 20/20 volunteers.

3. Last minute updates from Ross and Joaquin.

We will view the introduction PP I sent you long ago and I will answer last minute questions about the trip. I am trying to get one of the recommended movies so if you wish to stay, I have a projection room where we can watch it.

Thank you to the ones who made Mr. Rainbolt's presentation. He mentioned poverty as the most critical problem and global warming as the problem your generation cannot ignore.

Good luck in finals. See you on June 3, 2008. If you have questions before then, my cell is 520-1325. Carmen Clay

In transit details-Jorge Chavez Airport Stay and tickets to Cuzco

To make our 7-hour layover a little nicer, World Leadership School is doing something special for our group, we will stay at the new Ramada Inn Hotel Spa area.
Here is the note from Ross, (Thank you because they could just have left us at the airport like they do with group with smaller time between flights)
"I called the Ramada Costa del Sol hotel this morning and sent them an email requesting a quote. Their normal room rates are $200 per night but they do have a spa where the kids could grab a shower, jump in the jacuzzi and then pull out their sleeping bags and sleep on some padded chaise lounges they have by the pool. It sounds perfect to me. I’m trying to get them to let us do this for $25 per student, which would be within our budget. They also pick you up at the airport, though you can also walk across the new bridge that has apparently been built. However, I don’t like the idea of walking anywhere near the airport so I prefer for us to arrange for the hotel shuttle. I’m calling them now and will let you know what I hear. The latest packing list I sent all the students (part of the Prepare to Go) asks all students to bring a sleeping bag, which would come in handy here."

Regarding tickets from Lima to Cuzco, our travel agent wrote: " los boletos serán llevados al hotel, te ubicarán ahí a eso de las 03:00 de la mañana estaría bien?
te proporciono los números celulares del personal que tenemos en el aeropuerto para que puedas estar conectada con ellos también ese día,no sé aún los nombres de las personas que tendrán turno, pero quien te conteste sabe lo que tiene que hacer
además de ayudarte al pago de los impuesto de salida : U.S$6.05 cada uno.

Seguiremos en contacto hasta el día previo de tu viaje.

Cariños y saludos a la family


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