Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chapel Speech: Nina, Mac, and Louisa

In mid September, Nina, Mac and Louisa refined and presented the PP the Ollantaytambo 2008 group made in Peru at the end of the trip. The goal was to inform about their summer experience and begin the recruitment of a new group which must be in place by the end of November.

The trip will be different in 2009 because we will not stay in hostals; we will live with host families. The host families have had experience with US teens in the past because they have hosted students from Lakeside Academyof Seattle or Groton of Boston.

Another difference is the language component and the required readings and graded assignments. This year students are getting service and summer school Spanish credit.

The trip will be sponsored by Spanish teacher, Kari Bornhoft, our Dean of Students and Spanish Teacher, Matt Pena, and Spanish Teacher and Director of Service-Learning Carmen Clay. Mr. Pena and Ms. Bornholf will take care of students with previous Spanish experience and Mrs. Clay will be responsible for an introduction to Spanish for students who have not taken Spanish classes before.