Friday, July 4, 2008

Words from World Leardeship School CEO

I wanted to say how impressed I am with what a group of seven Casady students, plus one (very) determined faculty person, were able to accomplish in Ollantaytambo. I think you all did a wonderful job of overcoming the inevitable hardships of living in rural Peru and persevering to meet your goals. Joaquin and Paull very much enjoyed working with you and felt like you all made tremendous strides in personal awareness and growth during the trip. In the process, you made a tremendous difference in the lives of Ollantaytambo’s children and kicked off what promises to be a very fruitful, long-term project for the community – the Tierra de NiƱos.

Besides saying thank you, I also wanted to send you an evaluation form for parents to fill out and either print and mail to WLS or email back --- if you want to save paper, just open the document and type in your answer, save the document with a new name (e.g. Parent Evaluation – Liedtke) and send back to me. Each student has also filled out an evaluation form, which Carmen is sending me in the mail. I am going through all the paperwork from the trip andw will hopefully speak with Carmen soon.. We use your thoughts and input in order to keep improving our programs.

A few notes for students:1. We have established a Flickr photo sharing site for Casady School. It is an open group and accessible at This is a great way for students to share photos amongst themselves and you can always opt to use some of these for the blog as well. Please upload the photos you want to share – it’s very easy.

2. We have also established a Facebook Groups page for World Leadership School alumni. You can access the page here: or search for “World Leadership School” within Facebook. Again it’s an open group so no invitation is required. Please feel free to join the group if you are interested in receiving updates about World Leadership School and want to stay in touch with other alums. Your comments are very much appreciated.

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