Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday, June 7

I cannot update the WlS blog, Here is what Nina wrote:

Hola Parents from Ollantaytambo!

Today was our second full day and it started off early at 8 in the morning. Breakfast was great! After breakfast Paul took the whole group around town and gave us a brief history of the Incan culture. We climbed these Incan ruins today and it was beautiful because you could see the entire city. That was exciting! Sleepiness plagues the group. Everyone is always looking forward to siesta! Lunch was amazing with a soup called sopa de creole. That was one of the best soups I’ve ever had. Now we have just returned from our meeting about the project and it built up excitement. Dinner is coming soon so that is the last update until tomorrow. Hang Loose!

Nina B

8:00 A.M. Breakfast eggs, pancakes, juice, toast, home atmosphere, nice people, beautiful children!

Goals session: It was interesting to hear the kids goals. Learning Spanish,about the culture, making sure they completed their project, learn to be good listeners..

Joaquin read to us our itinerary and warned us that there were already some changes.

Tour of Ollantaytambo: Guided by Paul who speaks Spanish, English and Quechua. Paul loves his village and knows its history very well.

1:00 We had lunch at Pachamama Restaurant and the kids loved the criolla soup.

The kids were very tired and slept from 2-4.

4:00 Sessions with Aima, Joaquin´s wife and her school project The children´s land. I cannot believe how beautiful this project is. We are very lucky to be part of it. Grayson already visited with the carpenters that have been working on the playground needs and tomorrow we will, for the first time meet with the children and their parents to clean-up the area where the playground will be built.

7:00 Joaquin made the kids their favorite meal so far: Lomito Saltado. Everyone was very tired and went to bed after dinner because we have to be ready to go by 8:30 tomorrow.
Before bed I had a dance lesson from Aima and discovered that el Albergue has a eucalipus sauna. It is a refreshing way to end the day, but one needs to be careful of the spiders!

The group is becoming more cohesive, but we still have some ways to go. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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