Friday, June 6, 2008

Problems with e-mail

Dear parents, Mark and Ross,

We had good flights from OKC to Lima. The kids had a great time at the jacuzi and the sauna at our hotel. Our travel agent in Peru had a wonderful guide waiting for us at the airport. We checked luggage and went to the spa, which is lovely. They tasted their first Lomito saltado and Inka Cola. The reviews were good.

We had a good flight from Cuzco. All the kids did well adjusting to altitude. Joaquin gave us a lot of water to drink upon our arrival to Cuzco and in a nice van we were on our way to Ollantaytambo.

The kids were very tired, but loved their accomodations. Grayson was vocal about how much he loved our hostel.

Kids had to adjust to the Peruvian meals. They are not used to three course meals and soups.

After lunch, we had an orientation to Ollantaytambo in a scavenger hunt. The levels of comfort of the kids were tested, but everyone did very well and as a result, when we had to draw a map of the places where we had been, we all did very well. The group decided that the hunt helped them get to know our small home away from home well in a few hours. The town is small and welcoming. The people are friendly and are willing to help with a smile and a good attitude. The children are beautiful. It is a town of contrasts.

Expectations and fears sessions:It was interesting to hear the kid´s fears and later on their goals. Three people in our group are not looking forward to white water rafting. Joaquin made us read the expectations we had dinner. We all went to bed soon after due to exhaustion.

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