Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lima Pictures from Goggle

We will stay in the area of Lima called San Isidro at a home of a friend of my sister Florchi. We lived in Lima since I was in the third grade. We attended Colegio de Jesus by the Dominican nuns. We lived in an area called Pueblo Libre. Two years ago, Florchi and I returned to Lima after 20+ years of absence and my house was a building where three families lived. Before Lima, my father's job as an engineer for the Ministry of Agriculture took us to Huanuco, Puno, and Cuzco. We lived about two years in each place. I had the fortune to begin my elementary school in Huanuco, then we went to Puno and Cuzco until finally we reached my city of birth, Lima where I lived until I graduated from high school. Then I went to Arequipa to the Catholic University, but stopped my studies to become the 1974 AFS student from Peru to Casady School in Oklahoma City

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