Monday, June 11, 2007

Cuzco pictures from Goggle

My sister and I went to elementary school in Cuzco while my father was stationed there as the National Supervisor for the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture. I think we went to two schools: Colegio Maria Auxiliadora and the other was a school by the Dominican nuns. As I write this, I begin to wonder if Maria Auxiliadora was only in Puno and the school of the Dominican nuns was in Cuzco. The two people whose minds could could help me are gone. My mother has senile dementia and lives in a special care facility in Dallas. My father passed away a few years ago after a two year battle with Parkinsons. It will be nice to connect to the few family and friends we still have in Peru to find pieces of my life. I love to do this in order to share Peruvian heritage and roots with my son Brian,his future wife Julia, and my niece Su Lan who was a gift to our family via China. We have family from my mother's side in Lima (Hernan, Beto,Charito,Cecilia, tio Victor,Olguita,and Eloy) and in a beutiful city called Arequipa (Carmelita, Mamina, my cousin Lucho lives in Los Angeles). From my father's side, my relatives live in a city called Huancayo where I lived when I was very young (Tio Edi and Tia Numida are the only ones left, Mamai-my favorite aunt- and tia Nelly are now gone. My other uncle, Guillermo lives in New Hampshire.) I have wonderful memories of my grandparents haciendas: Rupac. Molinos and Bellavista. I will love to see what the house my grandfather built dreaming to have all his family members and their families together in Batanyaco, Huancayo looks like now. The house where I spent great times with my Mamai is a Tourist Hotel now. My Papaito and Mamamama were a couple of great vision. I am afraid I am not going to have time for that this year because my sister Florchi has to work from her Lima office. I have kept in touch with a few high school friends (Teresa, Patti, and Paquita). My sister. Florchi, has a group of high school friends she keeps in touch and an amazing group of college friends (Maria Fe, Roxana, Coqui). Florchi graduated from the Catholic University of Peru. I attended Lima University but left Peru as a married woman of 20 years old to attend and graduate from OU

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