Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ollantaytambo Tini 2009 Project- Tini Amphitheater

Regarding the project, I had a nice talk with Aima today. We agreed that the
Casady kids would keep working on the Children's Park - what exactly they
will do is still to be decided, and we will not know for a few months most
likely. Remember it's all driven by kids and it's an involved process so I
hate to make any definite pronouncements now.

I think what seems most likely is that the kids will work on the
ampitheater, which is going to be used for musical and theatrical
performances. This is going to be built inside of an existing swimming pool,
which was built in the late 60s and then filled in with trash. We have
partially removed the dirt. The Casady students will build steps into the
ampitheater, a stage and some of the seating. Check out the attached vision,
recently done by our foreman, Graham.


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