Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Parent and student meeting! 7:30-9:30

My understanding of our meeting!

1. We will meet at the airport at 7:00 a.m. on Thursday as recommended by the Delta reservations agent after he changed the return flight. New information has been sent to parents.

2. Ross will contact parents via e-mail. Blog will be updated on a daily basis and will send an e-mail to parents when updated. Kendall will update it today and then we will follow schedule provided earlier, found at my blog: http://cyclonexploringpossibilities.blogspot.com/. Ross sent the password and username of the blog he created for students to the group. He recommended to sign the name at the end of the entry. Please use only your name, do not write your last name.

3. Parents and participants were made aware of trip changes, insurance and reason for photo. Students were asked to be flexible because itinerary might change a bit still. The group agreed that they all will take sleeping bags. Personal choice and judgment in shoes. Pack list encourages students to pack light to learn to handwash clothing.

4. I will take extra luggage with donations. If there is extra weight, Mr. Becerra has already taken care of cost with extra funding. Thank you Mr. Becerra!

5. Students are taken donated cameras. They will purchase extra batteries. Rosalie's camera is the only camera that stays in Ollantaytambo. Mr. Lietdke will donate an extra memory card

6. I will purchase needed supplies for printer that will stay at Ollantaytambo. Grayson will take his own camera. Nina will be the videographer and Mackenzie will handle the laptop. I will be responsible for the YAC digital camera.

7. I will take care of airport taxes, but at the end of the trip there might be a need for students to paid some airport taxes once the money provided is used. Tips are expected but not required.

8. Group members have not read the recommended books. The hours of layover and flight time should be used to read books. I have a copy of each recommended book.

9. Bathroom and washing clothing expectations were discussed. Students were recommended to take hand sanitizer and toilet paper, tissue or wipes anywhere they go.

10. $100-300 for spending money. Credit cards accepted in Cusco, Lima and at finer article stores in Ollantaytambo.

11. I will be responsible for passports! Students must take care of their money and have it with them everywhere they go in a safe place of low visibility!

Guidelines of group interaction: Group will use buddy system and help each other make wise decisions. The group wants me to have the last word in decision making. I was encouraged to give advice and input on culture related questions and issues. The group does want me to respect privacy, stay balance-not get emotional, and to speak Spanish. I asked to be considered a mom away from home. I will talk in Spanish with advance Spanish language students and in Spanglish with Spanish II students and Jake.

The group has in common: Casady, they like physical activity, the beach, and music

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